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      • 三亞亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店員工風采
      • 三亞亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店員工風采
      • 三亞亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店員工風采
      • 三亞亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店員工風采
      • 三亞亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店員工風采
      • 三亞亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店員工風采
      • 三亞亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店員工風采

        Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort is a unique luxury resort in China with truly “Balinese style” which located in Yalong Bay, Hainan Sanya. The hotel offers 518 rooms in which more than 70% of our rooms have the spectacular sea view of the Yalong Bay, while the remaining rooms are overlooking the landscaped garden or the lake and Laguna. Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree has the right mix of restaurants & bars and you can enjoy different taste of food all prepared by our master chefs. The pillar less Grand Ballroom with his 975 square meters can accommodate up to 1200 guests. For outside venues we can accommodate more as 3000 guests on our spacious beach front party lawn. 260 meters beautifully-landscaped beach, opened & unobstructed lobby are integral parts of the environmental and pristine design of the hotel. The hotel is 2 minutes drive to Yalong Bay Golf Course and 3 minutes drive to Yalong Bay Square.The hotel is just 45 minutes drive to Sanya Phoenix International Airport (45km) and only 35km from downtown and is conveniently accessible by hotel limousine or taxi.

        員工福利   Staff Benefits 
        保險  Insurance
        全面的社會保險及住房公積金  Fully covered Social Security and Housing Fund

        免費用餐Free Meals
        Employees may take free meals in the Staff Canteen(include days off).Every employees is entitled to three meals per day and duty supper.

        免費員工宿舍Free Dormitory
        We will dedicate provide every employee comfortable dormitory, each room is equipped with air-conditioner and provides beddings.

        免費員工班車Free Shuttle Bus
        We will dedicate provide every employee comfortable staff shuttle bus.

        假期  Leave
        Paid Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave

        培訓  Training
        入職培訓、崗位技能培訓、集團姐妹酒店交叉培訓、部門交叉培訓 、拓展培訓、管理培訓課程 Orientation Training、 Job Skills Training、Cross Hotels (within same group) Training、Cross Department Training、Development Training、Corporate Specialization Training

        員工活動Staff Activities
        HR department will organize various staff activities, such as staff birthday party, New Year party, committee club, athletic contest.

        獎勵 Rewards
        月度優秀員工獎    Employee of the Month
        年度優秀員工獎    Employee of the year
        客人表揚獎           Guest Commendation Award
        拾金不昧獎           Returning Lost Money Award
        特殊貢獻獎           Special Contribution Award
        合理化建議獎       Rationalization Proposal Award

        其他福利Others Benefit
        Reward of recommendation,  high-temporature allowance, night shift allowance, holiday allowance, annual bonus

        We expect you join in us and hope you will become part of a strong and successful team.

        面試時間:周一至周五  09:00-17:00
        Interview Hours:  from  09:00AM to 05:00PM, Monday to Friday 
        面試地址:三亞市亞龍灣國家旅游度假區 亞龍灣紅樹林度假酒店 人力資源部辦公室
        Address: Human Resource Office, Mangrove Tree Hotel, Yalong Bay, Sanya City  572000 
        Direction : Take bus No.15, 25,27 or 29 from Sanya City to Mangrove Tree Hotel, Yalong Bay
        聯系電話:0898-8855 8888轉6926/6928李先生 

        • 五險一金
        • 節日禮物
        • 技能培訓
        • 帶薪年假
        • 崗位晉升
        • 年度旅游
        • 包吃包住
        • 年底雙薪
        • 帥哥多
        • 美女多